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Shop'NCook Shopping List and Recipe

The smart solution for your cooking and grocery shopping. Organize your recipes. Scale them, make
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19 December 2006

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A utility to store grocery shopping lists and recipes, that can be accessed later as desired.

Pros: This is a tool to store and readily access shopping lists and recipes. This tool makes it really convenient to store recipes, and these stored recipes can be accessed later, easily and quickly. There are many ways in which recipes can be added: in addition to manually typing recipes, you can also copy and paste recipes into the tool, as well as download recipes directly from the Internet. There is a wizard that makes the task of adding a recipe really easy by analyzing the recipe, formatting it correctly, and then linking the different items that are used in the recipe to its in-built database of grocery items. This is a database of more than 2000 items and it contains nutritional data for more than 40 different nutrients. Thus, you can figure out what the nutritional value of a particular recipe is (and also how much fat, sodium etc. it contains). What nutritional data is shown can be customized as per your requirements. Grocery lists can be created by selecting items off of this database, or by selecting items categorically, or just by inputting the one’s you want. Simply take a print out of this list the next time you take a trip to the grocery store. Recipes can be organized into categories, and shared through email. The tool also provides online access to a recipe database where users of the software share different recipes.

Cons: There are no major limitations. The interface can use some improvement. For example there could be some way to quickly distinguish vegetarian / non-vegetarian items just by looking at the listing title. There are categories but this would convey additional information easily. The overall look and feel can also use some improvement.

Overall: 5 stars. It is a very good tool with a host of excellent features. Cooking enthusiasts and home-makers alike will appreciate this product. There is some scope for improvement in the interface.

Publisher's description

The smart solution for your cooking and grocery shopping. Recipes are easily added by typing them in, pasting from the clipboard, or importing directly from the internet: no formatting is necessary. The wizard interprets the recipes, links them to the database of grocery items or to other recipes and yields an accurate nutritional analysis without user intervention.
You organize your recipes by categories and in cookbooks that you can share with the free Shop'NCook Reader software. A powerful scaling tool lets you scale the ingredients and the text of the recipes, make automatic ingredient substitutions and unit conversions. The ingredients of the recipes are converted to your preferred shopping units and added to a collating grocery list with a click. Contrary to most cooking software, grocery lists can also be created by directly selecting items of the database, adding from sublists or just typing in new items.
Other features: customizable database of 2000 grocery items with nutritional data for more than 40 nutrients; nutrition scripts to control the display of nutritional information and compute custom nutritional formulas; e-mail tool to send recipes and shopping lists; direct access to an online recipe database where Shop'NCook users share their recipes.
Shop'NCook Shopping List and Recipe
Shop'NCook Shopping List and Recipe
Version 3.4.1
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